Our Activities

Over water...


Experience the peace and beauty of the Dordogne canoe (2 or 3 places) or kayak, with or without monitor.

Rental, we offer two different trips : Argentat - Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne (24km, 5h30) or Port Vaurs - Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne (12km, about 3h).

With a monitor, on the day or half day, you learn to control your canoe / kayak to enjoy your safe descent for maximum enjoyment.

Conditions: Have 7 years old and able to swim. Lifejacket required. Book recommended.




Stand up Paddle

On the water of Aubarèdes, you can browse and admire the docks of Beaulieu-sur-Dodogne and the Penitents Chapel.

Fun activity and accessible to all, after 10 minutes of practice you will be standing on your board and make the most of your trip.

Conditions: Have 7 years old and able to swim. Lifejacket required.





We invite you to discover magnificent landscapes over water.
The whitewater swimming or hydrospeed is a fun way to apprehend the rivers of the region Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne, especially the Dordogne.

Unlike the canoe / kayak, you lie at the heart of the fluid with which it will have to play well to get around, have fun and slipping.

Waterfalls, streams and jumps are on the program!

Conditions: Being 10 and able to swim. Lifejacket required.




On the ground...



Sport rigor, precision, concentration and consistency, the archery develops and requires balance, self-control and stress resistance ...

Fight your enemies in a fun mini-game or in a fierce competition!

For smaller (- 7 years) can practice the blowpipe in the same conditions.

Accessible from 5 years.




Swin Golf/Disc Golf

Ideal for spending time with friends and or family. For those who love the skill and concentration games.

Swin-Golf: simplified golf ... with one club and a harmless ball.
Foot-and Rugby Golf-Golf: Golf with the foot ... using a football or rugby ball.
Disc Golf: The golf driving ... like the swin golf and football, the principle of this activity is to hit a target with a frisbee.
Course 8 hole around the leisure center of Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne. Opportunity to practice in multiple locations.
Accessible from 5 years.




Orienteering is a sport that operates the head and legs ! Equipped with a map, the counselor will connect as soon as possible the points scored : called tags. Practiced on foot, but also by bike or canoe.

Accessible from 10 years.




Battle Archery

This confrontation game is played simultaneously with 6 to 10 participants. It is also accessible to young people aged 10 and over.

This activity is similar to paintball but requires archery equipment including bows and arrows with foam tips.

The accessories used for the battle archery have been specially designed to ensure the safety of the players and do not injure anyone.

Conditions: From 10 years.





Discover the pleasure of climbing in climbing the limestone cliffs of the region, including that of Bassignac le Bas. Develop your sense of balance, coordination and touch safely supervised by a qualified instructor.

You also can practice on a mobile artificial wall wherever you are !

Conditions: From 7 years




Hiking Biking

Browse safely marked trails and enjoy the beautiful local countryside through this activity framed by a qualified instructor. Circuits adapted to all levels. ATV rent.

Conditions: From 10 years.






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